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All About Maternity Insurance in Singapore

Let us first congrats you on your pregnancy or if you are planning for one, we wish you the best!


As a concerned parent-to-be, there are many things to plan. It might be the renovations to the baby room to which hospital to deliver or planning for the cost of delivery which is not cheap these days.

And some parents may be worried about the "What-if" during pregnancy or delivery.

Maternity Insurance also known as  prenatal insurance helps to reduce the financial loss during pregnancy in the event that the mum suffers from  pregnancy complications or if the child is born premature or diagnosed with congenital diseases. There are more than 5 insurance companies offering such plan. The main difference between the plans is whether the plan is a rider attached to a main plan(for ease of discussion, we call it rider here) or stand-alone. A rider plan ican be attached to an whole life, endowment of Investment-Linked Policy. A stand-alone plan as the name suggested, covers purely on maternity insurance benefits. Each type of plan has its pros and cons in terms of cost vs benefits. As an Independent Financial Adviser, we will guide you through the differences across the various plan and assist you to make an informed decision.

 Typically, a maternity insurance covers

  • Pregnancy Complications for the mother

  • Premature birth

  • Congenital illnesses for the child

  • Hospital care benefit for both the mother and child

  • Death benefit for both the mother and child

We did a summary of benefits for your ease of comparison. Submit the form below and our representative will assist you with your enquiry.

As a financial adviser distributing financial solutions from multiple insurance companies, we are able to find out your needs and share what is suitable for you.


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